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Founded: 1989

CEO: Mick Farrell

HQ: San Diego, CA

Employees: 8,000

$3 billion USD (FY 2020)



In 2019, ResMed completed their acquisition of SafeLogic partner MatrixCare for $750 million USD, adding to their significant and growing technology portfolio. MatrixCare continues to operate as a stand-alone company, but ResMed is a publicly-traded medical equipment company that has a significant focus on respiratory conditions. Their cloud-connected solutions include medical devices for the treatment of sleep apnea and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and they operate in more than 140 countries worldwide while manufacturing in Australia, Singapore, France, and the United States.

We're proud to partner with MatrixCare and ResMed to provide FIPS 140 validated encryption for the good of all their customers!