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About SafeLogic

SafeLogic’s proven and validated cryptographic solutions enable enduring privacy and trust in the ever-changing digital world. Used by many of world's top technology firms, SafeLogic accelerates and streamlines the adoption of FIPS 140 validated classical and post-quantum cryptography. Its holistic and interoperable cryptographic solutions save customers time, effort, and money while ensuring their use of the strongest cryptography available.



SafeLogic's FIPS 140 Validation-as-a-Service  Streamlines the Process of Achieving and Maintaining FIPS 140 Certification for Encryption  

Companies selling to the US Public Sector (Federal/State/Local) are required to use FIPS 140 validated cryptography while processing, transmitting, and storing sensitive government data.  FIPS 140 is a NIST standard that has become a key requirement in most public sector procurement contexts. It is a key component in certification regiments such as FedRAMP, StateRAMP, Common Criteria, CMMC 2.0, DOD APL, and others.  

Achieving FIPS 140 validation is a lengthy and expensive process that can take over two years.  SafeLogic customers can achieve FIPS 140 validation in less than two months and are able to offload the entire validation and maintenance lifecycle to SafeLogic.  

SafeLogic revolutionized an approach to achieving and maintaining FIPS 140 validation over a decade ago and is a trusted cryptographic software partner of some of the top companies in the world.



See How SafeLogic Has Been Revolutionizing the FIPS Industry

What do these Industry Leaders have in Common?  They All Rely on SafeLogic for FIPS Validation

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SafeLogic Also Has You Covered With the Next Revolution in Encryption: The Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography

Security specialists are already planning for the arrival of quantum computers, next-generation systems that will be able to break virtually all existing public key encryption. SafeLogic is part of a consortium of leading technology companies including Google, Microsoft, Cisco and IBM that are working with NIST’s National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence on a project focusing on the migration to post-quantum cryptography.  When the day comes when you need to move your encryption to post-quantum algorithms, SafeLogic will be there to simplify your migration.

SafeLogic Leadership



Evgeny Gervis


Evgeny joins SafeLogic with two decades of experience in the cybersecurity field. His experience spans launching startups to running large organizations within Fortune 500 organizations. Prior to joining SafeLogic, Evgeny spent 15 years at Cigital and then post-acquisition at Synopsys, responsible for the firm's software security solutions practice in the broader Mid-Atlantic region. Evgeny holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Virginia, an M.S. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins, and an MBA from Georgetown. In his spare time, Evgeny enjoys spending time with his family, reading, traveling, and playing the piano.

Ryan 430x500

Ryan Roteman

Vice President Sales

Ryan Roteman is SafeLogic’s Vice President of Sales. He is responsible for building the SafeLogic sales and business development functions and organizations. Ryan comes to SafeLogic with extensive sales experience, where he sold telecommunications and networking services to federal government clients at companies including Spectrum Enterprise, Zayo Group, Level 3, and AT&T. When he is not selling technology, you will probably find Ryan on a hockey rink, either as a player or coach. At West Virginia University, he coached the women’s club team. He currently coaches competitive youth teams in Northern Virginia.


Mike Donaldson


Mike Donaldson is SafeLogic’s Chief Marketing Officer, where he is responsible for marketing strategy, product marketing, digital marketing, demand generation, and partner marketing. Mike has extensive experience with IT security, the public sector, and modern digital marketing. At Ping Identity, he was the company’s first Vice President Marketing, and developed Ping’s public sector go-to-market strategy. Mike holds M.S. and B.S. degrees in Engineering from Virginia Tech, where he specialized in computer-aided design. In his spare time, Mike enjoys cycling, golf, and skiing.


Jake Maynard

Director of Engineering

Jake joined SafeLogic’s technical team after spending over a decade with Citrix, working on the Netscaler and Unified Endpoint Management products. He’s a husband and father of five, and somehow found time to complete a Master's in Computer Science and Information Security while also coaching baseball and building a tropical food forest.

Aryeh 430x500

Aryeh Conrad-Antoville

Director, Operations and Compliance

Aryeh is responsible for Operations and regulatory compliance for SafeLogic. She has been part of the FIPS 140 validation community since 2016. Prior to SafeLogic, Aryeh was Director of Operations for Penumbra Security, a cryptographic security testing lab. In that role, she managed operations, trained new employees in the world of FIPS, and worked with developers of cryptographic devices to help them better understand and meet applicable standards. Before working in FIPS, she earned a chemistry degree from Reed College, worked as a laboratory technician, studied psychology, and explored professional cooking. Aryeh lives in Oregon.


Check out the links below or LinkedIn for any roles we are actively seeking to fill, or email us directly to tell us why we need to create a position just for you. No recruiters, please!

Current Openings

Technical Support Software Engineer

SafeLogic is looking for a technical software support engineer to support the company’s library of cryptographic software modules.

Job Duties

  • Supports SafeLogic customers using cryptographic modules including answering technical questions, diagnosing customer problems, identifying and isolating bugs, advising customers about the correct use of APIs, and providing integration advice
  • Fields customer support questions via e-mail, chat, and customer calls; maintains a professional demeanor in all customer communications; able to explain technical details and solutions to both technical and non-technical employees and customers
  • Occasional development work, including bug fixes, developing sample code and documentation, and developing integration guides


Must Have

  • Software engineering experience with working knowledge of C/C++ and Java (at least three  years)
  • Prior experience providing technical software support (at least three years)
  • Working knowledge of development environments and software packaging
  • Basic administration for Linux, Windows, MacOS

Nice to Have

  • Working knowledge of C#, Python, and/or Golang
  • Prior experience with OpenSSL, BouncyCastle JCE, BouncyCastle .NET, and/or other cryptography products
  • Basic administration of Android, iOS, FreeBSD, and AIX
  • Experience with CI/CD build and testing systems, including maintaining Jenkins build environments
  • Prior experience with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field preferred

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