Expedited FIPS Validation 

SafeLogic's RapidCert Expedited Validation Program is the Second Step on Your Path to FIPS Certification


When combined with SafeLogic's CryptoComply  FIPS-validated cryptography modules and its MaintainCert  service, you'll get a NIST accelerated FIPS certificate in your company's name in two months. And it will remain active and valid over time.

FIPS 140 has Long Been a Time-Consuming, Costly, and Frustrating Process for Product Managers, Developers, and Federal Sales Teams

The traditional FIPS 140 validation process has three main phases
  1. Documentation The module under test must be thoroughly documented, and supporting assurance documentation must be developed to support vendor claims.

  2. Testing An accredited FIPS 140 testing laboratory evaluates the documentation and tests the module. The documentation may need updating based on unresolved issues or comments from the testing laboratory.

  3. Validation Upon successful completion of testing, NIST's Cryptography Module Validation Program (CMVP) reviews the lab's test report and the module’s Security Policy for accuracy and completeness. A successful review leads to NIST issuing a FIPS 140 validation certificate.

These steps have been known to take over two years, not counting the time needed to develop the cryptography module.



SafeLogic’s RapidCert Program Delivers FIPS Certificates in Two Months vs. Two Years

  • SafeLogic revolutionized the industry 12 years ago when it introduced expedited FIPS validation and accelerated FIPS certification based on a technique called rebranding

  • RapidCert builds on CryptoComply, which has already been FIPS validated and certified

  • Not only fast, RapidCert also does not require any additional effort by the customer

  • We purposefully keep the FIPS 140 validation boundary extremely narrow to minimize the need for revalidations


Why Does RapidCert Make Sense For Your FIPS Validation?

RapidCert turns a time-consuming, expensive and frustrating process into three easy steps:

  1. License CryptoComply
  2. Notify SafeLogic of the name you want to use on your certificate
  3. Celebrate when you receive a FIPS certificate in your company’s name in just two months

Our FIPS validation boundary excludes your proprietary code and is isolated from your product, so that you can update and iterate releases independently from FIPS 140 requirements.

FIPS certificates may need to be revalidated several times during their lifetime to avoid going historical.  Only SafeLogic has you covered against this risk at a fixed cost with its MaintainCert service.


Now that you've learned about SafeLogic's expedited FIPS certification program, are you ready to find out more about RapidCert? Speak with one of our FIPS experts!