Curious How Common Criteria and FIPS 140 Security Requirements Interrelate?  This Whitepaper Focuses on the Protection Profiles for Mobility

Common Criteria WP

The Common Criteria is an international standard for the evaluation of security features within IT products. In October 2013, the US Government’s Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme (CCEVS) announced Protection Profiles for Mobile Devices (MD) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems. These new Protection Profiles embody the requirements that are to be met by a specific technology type in Common Criteria evaluations.

Cryptographic support functions are critical requirements in these new Protection Profiles, as anticipated. The encryption requirements in these new Protection Profiles reflect certain standards imposed by NIST for FIPS 140-2, but they are not interchangeable. SafeLogic has addressed the necessary cryptographic support functions required by the MDPP and MDMPP and streamlined implementation with the CryptoComply drop-in module. Integrating CryptoComply eliminates the several engineer-years it would take to design and implement these functions.