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SafeLogic Launches FIPS 140-3 Early Access Program

February 21, 2024 Mike Donaldson

FIPS 140-3 EAP

SafeLogic is excited to announce the launch of its FIPS 140-3 Early Access Program (EAP). Under this program, SafeLogic customers can download and test the company’s various FIPS 140-3 modules that have successfully completed rigorous testing by a certified laboratory and are currently being reviewed by NIST’s Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP). 

Among the modules included in this EAP are those compatible with the OpenSSL 3.x architecture and Java. For maximum interoperability, these modules are available across a wide array of platforms (e.g., server, mobile, embedded, mainframe), operating systems (e.g., Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS), and CPU architectures. The modules also offer extensive programming language support (e.g., C / C++, Java, C#, Rust, Python, Go, etc.).  

All in all, SafeLogic’s FIPS 140-3 modules support dozens of Operating Environments (OEs) on which they have been rigorously tested as part of lab testing and for which SafeLogic already has FIPS 140-3 CAVP certificates issued.

SafeLogic is making these pre-validated FIPS 140-3 modules available now because some of its customers may have long development or release cycles and would like early access to the software for integration testing. 

SafeLogic customers’ transition to FIPS 140-3 is offered as part of SafeLogic’s MaintainCert service, a component of SafeLogic’s broader FIPS 140 Validation-as-a-Service offering. With MaintainCert, when the time comes, SafeLogic customers get General Availability (GA) access to fully validated FIPS 140-3 modules. SafeLogic will also work to get new FIPS 140-3 certificates issued in the customer’s name. All of that will happen in a while glove and smooth manner. In the meantime, SafeLogic’s customers will continue to enjoy being on active FIPS 140-2 modules and certificates with lifespans that go through March 2026.

“Transitioning to FIPS 140-3 is no small undertaking,” said Evgeny Gervis, SafeLogic CEO. “SafeLogic is proud to offer its customers a fully white-glove migration path. With the launch of this EAP, SafeLogic customers who are eager to try the new FIPS 140-3 modules are welcome to do so.”

If you are a SafeLogic customer and are interested in participating in FIPS 140-3 EAP, please email or contact your SafeLogic representative, who will be happy to assist you.

Mike Donaldson

Mike Donaldson

Mike is the CMO at SafeLogic.

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