Whit Diffie Among SafeLogic’s First Board of Advisors

Tech Executives Chris Perret and Stephen Taylor Appointed to SafeLogic's Board of Advisors

Palo Alto, CA – April 23, 2013 – SafeLogic Inc. is honored to introduce the first members of the Board of Advisors – Whitfield Diffie, Chris Perret, and Steve Taylor.  Each brings a unique point of view and broadens the expertise of SafeLogic.  “As opportunities grow and become more diverse, their experience and guidance will be key to SafeLogic’s success,” said SafeLogic CEO and co-founder Ray Potter.

Whitfield Diffie is best known for his work in the early 1970’s, pioneering dual-key cryptography.  Before his 1976 paper New Directions in Cryptography, written with Martin Hellman, encryption technology was the sole domain of government entities.  The Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol democratized the use of cryptography and revolutionized the landscape of security in the private sector.  According to Diffie, it is unrealistic to expect the maintenance of high level security to slow down the development of technology today.

“The importance of standardized, pluggable, cryptographic implementation of the sort SafeLogic provides is that they ease the work of application-specific developers, which frees them to concentrate on their core competencies.   The more of security that can be obtained from experts who have made it easy to install, the more quickly projects that depend on security – rather than focusing on security – will go.”

Chris Perret was the co-founder of Nukona, the mobile application management company acquired in 2012 by Symantec.  Under Perret’s leadership, Nukona applied security policies to mobile apps, enabling enterprises to leverage the consumer grade mobile devices that have become ubiquitous in the workplace.  Perret is a thought leader in the mobile space, leading the charge toward app-centric computing and the focus on managing the information, rather than the device.

“The ability to enter Federal and other markets subject to FIPS compliance requirements is of interest to most product marketing executives.  It opens up huge market opportunities, but until now has been a costly endeavor that was often hard to navigate.  SafeLogic allows the innovative products of startups and existing companies to become FIPS compliant at a greatly reduced cost and timeline, making entry into these markets timely and cost-effective.”

Stephen Taylor is a Managing Partner of The Palo Alto Consulting Group. A former venture capitalist, he has more than twenty-five years experience in the high tech industry. As a management consultant, Taylor has worked with more than two hundred client companies, leveraging his experience in marketing, strategy, business development, and investment banking. Taylor’s substantial business acumen will contribute significantly to SafeLogic’s continued growth.

“As mobile devices and applications continue their explosive growth, data security becomes increasingly important. The ability to encrypt proprietary data using FIPS 140 compliant software offers many benefits for government, military, and commercial mobile applications. SafeLogic meets this need, and is poised for rapid growth based on early successes with market-leading communications and security software companies.”

In the words of Whit Diffie, “The importance of validating cryptographic implementation is second to nothing in information security.”  It is this philosophy that brought Diffie, Perret, and Taylor to SafeLogic.  Together, the Board of Advisors will help the leadership team to bring validated cryptography to a wide array of technologies.

About SafeLogic

SafeLogic provides software and services to help enterprises and startups position themselves in regulated markets.  CryptoComply, SafeLogic’s cryptographic toolkit, is compliant to strict government standards, is independently tested, and is streamlined for integration in mobile apps, security appliances, and traditional enterprise software. CryptoComply is licensed by a variety of companies, from startups to the Fortune 500.

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