FIPS 140 Success Stories


Many of the Largest Technology Companies in the World Have Chosen SafeLogic as their FIPS Partner


Founded: 2007

CEO: Stina Ehrensvard

HQ: Palo Alto, CA


Yubico was established with the mission to make secure online identities truly ubiquitous.  Their flagship product is the YubiKey. It is a second authentication method based on a unique physical token which cannot be duplicated or recorded, providing a credential based on something only an authorized user possesses. Used with a standard username and password, the YubiKey provides a strong, two-factor authentication to any site, service or application.  Yubico is proud to manufacture YubiKeys only in Sweden and USA.

With support from a thriving developers and partner community, the YubiKey is used for a range of enterprise, open source and consumer applications, including remote access and VPN, online services, computer login and password management. Developers collaborate via the Yubico Forum and the Partner Solution Wiki offers a market place for YubiKey solution providers.

FIPS 140-2 Validation Certificate #2267

FIPS 140-2 Validation Certificate #2267 - Security Policy