FIPS 140 Success Stories


Many of the Largest Technology Companies in the World Have Chosen SafeLogic as their FIPS Partner


Founded: 2009

CEO: Rick Segal

HQ: Toronto, Canada

Acquired by Good Technology in 2015


Fixmo was founded with a mission to help organizations and individuals embrace the full potential of mobility, without compromising security or compliance.  The company established a strong relationship with government agencies and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), working cooperatively to build Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions that suit the unique needs of federal deployments as well as those of the private sector. Their large base of customers spanned the entire federal government with a critical mass of customers concentrated in both the DoD and the intelligence community, before being acquired by Good Technology, also a SafeLogic customer, in 2014. Many agencies still leverage the Sentinel product for integrity verification of BlackBerry devices, and a growing number of customers, both federal and enterprise, have now deployed the broader suite of Fixmo EMP services for iOS and Android including the Fixmo SafeZone secure workspace solution.

Fixmo's parent company, Good Technology, was subsequently acquired by BlackBerry in September of 2015, fortifying the strong solution offering for enterprise and federal customers alike.