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FIPS 140 Simplified

FIPS 140 Validation-as-a-Service


Do you need FIPS 140 validation or FIPS 140 certification for your technology to enter new government markets?  Get a NIST certificate in your company's name in just two months and make sure it remains active over time with SafeLogic's FIPS 140 simplified solutions.Whether you need FIPS 140Common Criteria, FedRAMP, StateRAMP, CMMC 2.0, or DoD APL, SafeLogic helps you maximize your public sector business.

FIPS 140 Validation Has Become an Essential Security Compliance Requirement

  • Companies selling technology that performs encryption to the federal government must obtain NIST certification per its FIPS 140 regulation that confirms their cryptography has been tested and approved for use by government agencies

  • FIPS 140 validation has been so successful, that it has been adopted as mandatory by several additional security regulations including FedRAMP, StateRAMP, CMMC v2, Common Criteria, and DoD APL

  • While traditional FIPS 140 certification took as long as two years, the queue appears to be even longer as the industry transitions to FIPS 140-3

  • Without an active FIPS certificate in your company's name, federal procurement agents may block the acquisition of your products, freezing you out of markets requiring FIPS validated solutions

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Only SafeLogic's Unique FIPS Validation-as-Service Expedites and Maintains Your FIPS Validation Over Time

Getting your own cryptography software reviewed, tested, validated, and certified by NIST can take as long as two years, not counting the time required to develop the software.  SafeLogic literally cuts the time required to achieve NIST certificate from two years to two months, then keeps your certification active over time with these three key FIPS Validation-as-a-Service capabilities.


CryptoComply White
CryptoComply White


CryptoComply is SafeLogic’s flagship software, a family of FIPS 140 validated cryptographic software modules. They deliver “Drop-in Compliance” as direct replacements for popular open-source crypto providers.

RapidCert White
RapidCert White


SafeLogic revolutionized the FIPS industry twelve years ago with RapidCert, the industry's first expedited rebranding program. Get FIPS certification of your CryptoComply solution, in your name, in only two months with RapidCert.

MaintainCert White
MaintainCert White


Now SafeLogic is revolutionizing FIPS again with MaintainCert. FIPS certificates go ‘historical’, meaning they are no longer valid, all the time. Not with MaintainCert, SafeLogic’s new white-glove support service.

What Do These Industry Leaders Have in Common?  They All Chose SafeLogic for FIPS Validation

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