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The Most Patriotic Season

May 28, 2013 Walt Paley

Uncle SamHappy Memorial Day, everyone!

While summer technically begins on June 21st this year, at the Summer Equinox, the season really kicked off early for Americans when we fired up the grills this weekend.  I'm just not sure there's any better way to celebrate the spirit of the United States than this.  We set aside the day to honor the men and women who have died serving our country and keeping safe our way of life.  We socialize, we get outside, we share food, drink, and enjoy one of the longest days of the year, and then we keep the party going straight through Independence Day until we get to Labor Day, the perfect bookend for our cultural summer.

Maybe it's all the stars and stripes, or maybe someone left Toby Keith's greatest hits on perpetual repeat, but I'm feeling awfully proud to be an American, and I'm honored to be part of a system built to keep our information safe.  From George Washington's Culper Ring until today, encryption has been a vital part of the establishment of this nation and our ascent to become a superpower.  It is arguably even more important now, as the technology that enables us also makes us vulnerable, if standards are not upheld.  Everything we have worked so hard to build, whether it is federal intel or private intellectual property, plays a part in the greatness of this country and should be encrypted and protected to the highest levels available.

The pride I feel spans much further than the borders of these fifty states.  It carries across political lines and national boundaries.  It covers every continent on earth.  When you work in this industry, it's more than a job.  It's a responsibility to bring the absolute best technology to the table every day.  People, no matter where they are from, deserve to have their information secured with zero compromises.  And that's just how we roll here at SafeLogic.

Walt Paley

Walt Paley

Walter Paley is the VP of Communications for SafeLogic. He is responsible for strategy, content, marketing, and outreach. Walt has worked with a series of start-ups and companies in growth stages, including Nukona (acquired by Symantec), Qubole, Bitzer Mobile (acquired by Oracle), and TigerText, among others. An Alumnus of the psychology program at UC San Diego, Walt lives in Southern California with his wife, kids, and their black lab, Echo.

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