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Evgeny Gervis Featured on Kratos Podcast

June 12, 2024 Mike Donaldson

Kratos Podcast with Evgeny Gervis


On a new episode of Cyber Compliance and Beyond, the new Kratos cybersecurity podcast, host Cole French welcomes the CEO at SafeLogic, Evgeny Gervis.

Some recent estimates have postulated that data is now the world’s most valuable asset. Unlike other assets, like oil, for example, data proliferates on a staggering scale. In other words, it doesn’t seem to be finite, subject to the law of scarcity. This hammers home the importance of answering the question that each of you is wrestling with: how do I protect all this data? A simple answer to this question is encryption. But any simple answer has you immediately asking more questions: what encryption should I use? How should I configure it? How can I be sure it is adequate? And, perhaps most interestingly, is it possible to future proof my data protection techniques?

Beyond simply using encryption to protect data, the two dive into the intersection of compliance and encryption, specifically the role of the FIPS standard for encryption. While Evgeny provides technical expertise, Cole shares some important compliance guidance and nuance Kratos has learned from years of supporting its clients in evaluating FIPS 140 implementations. To close, Evgeny and Cole discuss the future of encryption, standards, and the likely effect of quantum computing.

Listen to the podcast.


Mike Donaldson

Mike Donaldson

Mike is the CMO at SafeLogic.

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