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2023 Year in Review

January 11, 2024 Evgeny Gervis

2023 Year in Review

This past year came with no shortage of challenges, from macroeconomic uncertainty to serious geopolitical conflicts. The events of 2023 reminded us that we cannot take safety and security for granted, whether personal, financial, or digital. Cryptography is a critical cybersecurity control, with strong encryption fundamental to digital privacy, trust, and even safety. As a cryptographic solution provider, that is a key reason why we have been working very hard to do our part to help make this world more safe and secure.

Here at SafeLogic, we are grateful to have had another strong year of double-digit growth, with the team making significant progress in our mission to deliver holistic, interoperable, and validated cryptographic solutions that enable enduring privacy and trust in the ever-changing digital world.   

Some of the highlights from 2023 included:

  • We made significant progress in the journey towards FIPS 140-3 while ensuring that our clients’ existing FIPS 140-2 modules and certificates remain up-to-date and active with NIST CMVP for years to come. When the time comes, SafeLogic will work with our customers to orchestrate an orderly transition from FIPS 140-2 to FIPS 140-3 modules and certificates.

  • Our 140-3 submission is currently a “Module in Process,” which means a certification lab has completed its testing and review of our software and documentation and has forwarded our package to NIST for the next processing phase. While we expect most 140-3 submissions to have a handful of operating environments, given our commitment to broad platform, operating system and language coverage, ours has sixteen!  That represents an incredible amount of work on the part of the SafeLogic team to prepare our submission, as well as the work done by the lab to validate our compliance with 140-3.

  • For customers wanting to get an early start on integration testing, we will be launching an Early Access Program (EAP) for the pre-validated versions of our FIPS 140-3 modules. Watch your email, the SafeLogic blog, and social accounts for an announcement soon.

  • We joined NIST’s Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) migration collaboration project and contributed to that effort. SafeLogic also made progress in developing a PQC provider, and we plan to launch an EAP for that software in the first quarter of 2024

  • We enhanced our CryptoComply OpenSSL 3 FIPS Provider product (launched in late 2022) to ensure compatibility across the broadest set of operating systems, programming languages, and platforms (e.g., from mobile devices to mainframes). For example, we recently made CryptoComply OpenSSL 3 FIPS Provider available for Apple iOS.

  • We enhanced the alignment of our offerings with our customers’ various compliance initiatives, including FedRAMP, Common Criteria, DoDIN APL, CMMC 2.0, and StateRAMP.

  • Finally, we finished the year with a fantastic 350% increase over 2022 in new customers that signed up for our FIPS 140 Validation-as-a-Service.

The use of cryptography is widespread, but the challenges of securely and effectively adopting it can often be nuanced. In this environment, SafeLogic brings our proven technology, solution-oriented consultative approach, commercial-grade white-glove software and FIPS certification support to help our customers attain and sustain success with their cryptographic solutions.

We are humbled to count as our customers some of the top technology firms in the world, many of which are leading cybersecurity vendors themselves who put their trust in SafeLogic as their cryptographic solution provider. We never take this trust for granted and work hard every day to earn it. And so we would like to thank our customers wholeheartedly for their business. 

In addition to our customers, we would also like to thank our partners, vendors, and shareholders for their support of our mission. And of course, thank you to our amazing staff for all their dedication and hard work every single day to propel SafeLogic forward.

Thank you! I look forward to all the great things we can accomplish together in 2024.

Evgeny Gervis
SafeLogic CEO 


Evgeny Gervis

Evgeny Gervis

Evgeny is the CEO of SafeLogic.

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