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Champion Research Infographic on the FIPS 140-2 Queue – SafeLogic worked with Champion Research on a survey to shed light on the real-life experiences in the FIPS 140-2 validation process.
SlideShare – Amped for FedRAMP – This deck was developed alongside Intel Security for MISTI’s Cloud Security World 2015, explaining the FedRAMP program and the role of validated encryption for Cloud providers.
Addressing the Encryption Requirements of the Common Criteria Protection Profiles for Mobility – This whitepaper discusses how CryptoComply can help vendors meet the Mobile Device Protection Profile (MDPP) and the Mobile Device Management Protection Profile (MDMPP).
HIPAA Requirements for Encryption – This whitepaper describes the role of encryption in HIPAA regulation and discusses the advantages of CryptoComply in context.
FISMA Requirements for Validated Cryptographic Modules – This whitepaper explores the relationship between CryptoComply and FISMA.
Download to see the mapping of CryptoComply features to FISMA / SP 800-53 security controls.
Chapters 3 and 4 from FIPS 140 Demystified: An Introductory Guide for Vendors By Wes Higaki and Ray Potter. This book is available on Amazon.com.