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Vectra Networks is a SafeLogic customer!Vectra Networks is a SafeLogic customer!Every organization is infected with malware.  Vectra Networks redefines security with the patent-pending X-series platform that instantly identifies cyber attacks while they are happening as well as what the attacker is doing.  Vectra automatically prioritizes attacks that pose the greatest business risk, enabling organizations to quickly make decisions on where to focus their time and resources. The platform uses next-generation compute architecture and combines data analytics and machine learning to detect attacks on every device, application and operating system.  The platform is completely automated and empowers IT organizations that have neither the budget nor the depth of security expertise.

The core of the Vectra engineering team is comprised of data scientists, network security engineers, user interface designers and white hats.
Vectra is a SafeLogic customer!Vectra is a SafeLogic customer!Vectra is a SafeLogic customer!