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Rubrik is a SafeLogic customer!Rubrik is a SafeLogic customer!Rubrik’s founders had a simple goal: to build beautifully simple products to meet enterprises’ most challenging data management needs. They blended expertise from both consumer and enterprise worlds to pioneer a fresh approach to an old problem.

The resulting technology eliminates backup software as we know it, offering live data access for recovery and application development by fusing enterprise data management with web-scale IT instead. It is designed to be faster and more responsive to today’s rapid data proliferation across both public and private Clouds.  Furthermore, Rubrik recognized from the start that enterprises must be able to scale without limit, so their Converged Data Management is wrapped into a single fabric with infinite scalability.

Backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Greylock Partners, the sky is the limit for Rubrik and SafeLogic is proud to provide FIPS 140-2 validated encryption for the up-and-comer!

Rubrik is a SafeLogic customer!Rubrik is a SafeLogic customer!