While CryptoComply has been a fast success, the truth is that sometimes developers don’t need all the bells and whistles. Wearables are going to be a very big part of the future of computing, metaphorically although not literally. The need for security and privacy within these devices is paramount, as they collect, process, and archive crucially private information. But what should you do when other encryption modules literally don’t fit?

Introducing CryptoCompact, only from SafeLogic.

CryptoCompact was designed from Day 1 to maintain CryptoComply’s ease of implementation, but with a tiny footprint perfect for use in environments with constrained space. We took out our flagship cryptographic module and streamlined the module to run as fast as possible with the smallest footprint possible, but without sacrificing features needed today and for the future. CryptoCompact is undergoing full FIPS 140-2 testing and will proudly join SafeLogic’s lineup of world class, independently validated encryption modules. Just smaller.