CryptoComply Professional Services

Design or retrofit your product for compliance with CryptoComply as a foundation. Our engineers provide design consulting and source code review to help prepare your product for integration with CryptoComply. 
SafeLogic provides the following services to support testing and validation of any CryptoComply-based product:

Develop FIPS 140-2 documentation to address Level 2 requirements or custom projects leveraging CryptoComply

Liaison any necessary code reviews

Support questions, comments, and documentation changes requested by the testing laboratory or NIST CMVP during their validation process.

SafeLogic provides the following services to support Common Criteria evaluation of any CryptoComply-based product:

Leading a planning session to gather information and set a work plan

Defining the evaluation strategy

Reviewing existing customer documentation and conducting interviews (via email, teleconference, or on-site visits) with customer resources to aid in the development of new evidence and augmentation of existing evidence (where available)

Developing Common Criteria documentation to address any EAL or Protection Profile (including MDPP, MDMPP, NDPP, WLAN PP, VPN PP, etc) and facilitate the entire Common Criteria evaluation process

Updating evidence deliverables to address Common Criteria Testing Laboratory (CCTL) verdicts

Supporting on-site visit(s) from the testing laboratory

Leading regular status meetings with designated customer resources and with the CCTL

Answering technical and procedural questions