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30 Dec 2015

Bring on 2016!

Ahh, the year-end crunch time is here. Closing and reconciling the books. Working with our customers to get in (or delay, when strategic, of course) last minute invoices and accruals. Making sure contracts are executed before the calendar flips over. Catching up. Projecting out. Forward planning. Requisite CEO year-end blog posts like this one. Check it off the list, Marketing Team!

To say that our 2015 was dynamic at SafeLogic is an understatement. As I’m recapping and reviewing our goals for 2015, I see areas where we “crushed it” (in the Silicon Valley lexicon), areas for improvement (yes, it’s a nice way to say that we dropped the ball on a few initiatives and no, I’m not too proud to admit it), and areas for new growth and development. I’m glad this year is behind us, because I’m just so damn ready for 2016.

SafeLogic’s 2016 campaign will be about growth, balance, and clarity. Almost like the plans of current Presidential candidates but without the lunacy and grandstanding, and a lot less speJanuarynd on TV commercials (sorry, Marketing Team). So how will these elements unfold?

Well, we added some very high profile customers to our wall this year, and we’ll grow our share in the market. We’ll increase our team and improve our infrastructure to support those new clients. We will balance delivery, professional development, budgets, customer requirements, and every other moving part that defines a software company. We’ll move quickly but carefully. We’ll work on the right things for our customers and for the industry, while having clear communication internally and externally.  We’ll have a lot of fun while delivering on very serious business-driven goals.

It’s going to be an exciting time. We’re launching some of our Skunk Works projects this year, and we’ve got new projects bidding to be added to the docket. It isn’t always easy to bring innovative and progressive new ideas to a field that is historically stagnant, challenging, and sometimes non-sensical (I’m talking to you, encryption, and you, regulatory compliance). But it’s what we do. And while I think we always have room for improvement, I think we do it pretty damn well, so expect more of the same next year, in higher dosages and more frequently.

I’m thrilled about the new year. We have the right priorities, the right team, the right solutions, and the right processes in place at SafeLogic. Now will someone please turn the calendar over to January? We’re ready to rock!


11 Dec 2015

Walking the Red Carpet with SafeLogic Customers

That 'other prize' announcement on December 10th.

That other prize announcement on December 10th.

The date was December 10, 2015.  Tucked nicely between the Emmys in September and the Oscars and Grammys in February, before you get to the Golden Globes in January, there was another awards announcement.  Oh, the Nobel Prize?  Yes, actually, but also the SC Magazine finalists were announced yesterday!  You weren’t watching the red carpet show on E! Entertainment?

In all seriousness, there are a lot of technology awards out there.  A whole lot.  Some of them are pay-to-play, others are just inconsequential.  SC Magazine is one of the few programs that I actually follow and appreciate, which is why I was so pumped when the list of 2016 U.S. finalists was released yesterday!  I’m pretty sure Johnny Depp got snubbed again, but there were many SafeLogic customers that were nominated.  Outstanding.  Check out the highlights below.



Best Cloud Computing Security Solution

Skyhigh Networks


Best Multifactor Solution





Best Enterprise Security Solution

Skyhigh Networks


Best Network Access Control (NAC) Solution

Pulse Secure


Best Behavior Analytics / Enterprise Threat Detection Solution

Vectra Networks


Best Email Security Solution

Raytheon | Websense


So awesome.  You can check out the full list, including all the finalist companies that have not yet been publicly announced as SafeLogic customers, here.  We are just so proud of all of the amazing companies that we work with every day.  Congrats to all the nominees and good luck!


3 Dec 2015

Tackling the Federal Procurement Conundrum

Lt. Col. Scott Trail had a great editorial in National Defense magazine that I read recently. It was titled ‘How to Unlock Innovation at the Defense Department’. Coming from a Defense and Aerospace Acquisition Team Lead, this was an interesting topic to be sure.

He was a young man when he first submitted this proposal to the DoD.

He was a young man when he submitted that proposal to the DoD.

Trail delivered, as he didn’t pull any punches. He emphasized the need for speed and the real urgency of accelerating the schedule for procurement and deployment, lest we fall [arguably further] behind our global rivals. In fact, he asserts an opinion that we are spending too much time trying to make drastic improvements and we need to take a more agile approach.  Deploy and revise on a much shorter lifecycle, he says.  “Speed should be considered as a strategic enabler over fielding full capacity in a single step.”  While Trail uses helicopters and amphibious transports as the examples from his area of expertise, the concept extends to smaller technology and definitely applies to software.

In our sphere, we see engineering teams that are so accustomed to the legacy FIPS 140-2 process that they automatically peg it for a future release barely on the horizon. They expect hundreds of man-hours and months of aggravation. They figure that since it used to take a year to a year-and-a-half, nothing that they build during that waiting period really matters for federal procurement. As a result, we get federal-specific software releases that are obsolete before they even get a SKU assigned, because the supported platforms are so old. Why? Because those were the relevant operating environments when the FIPS effort began.

Bottom line – it’s all too often that the software offered to the public sector is either old or non-compliant. What a conundrum! The product is updated for private use – quickly, frequently and effectively – but hasn’t received the proper testing for federal deployment. Unhelpful. The product earmarked for government has been updated, but slowly, sporadically and it’s frankly irrelevant by the time it has been revved. This is not competitive and it doesn’t help anyone!

FederalGraphicEvery production version of your solution should be ready for federal procurement. That’s our philosophy. You should be able to move at the speed of business, not on a timeline set by testing labs and consultants. The company that will win is the one that is able to sell their current product [yes, the one that marketing has described as “bleeding edge” and “next gen”] in real-time to federal, in full compliance with procurement requirements on the actual operating environments that are being used. We will be in 2016 in the blink of an eye. The fact that this is still being regarded as the stuff of sci-fi is just sad. We can do it today.

I’m not saying that SafeLogic is saving America… but I am saying that faster FIPS 140-2 validation yields faster product iterations, faster acquisitions and faster deployments. Soldiers and bureaucrats have the same appetite for current technology. Let’s give it to them as soon as possible. THAT is what will benefit our nation… and your revenue numbers.

Contact us for information on our lightning fast RapidCert FIPS 140-2 validations and how we can keep your certificate perpetually updated.  We’re ready.